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Fish for Words - Sight Words Game for Kids
How to Play Fish for Words
Below are step-by-step instructions on how to play Fish for Words Sight Words game. For computer system requirements click here.
Be sure to verify QuickTime is installed on your computer. To test your computer now click here.

Step 1:
Choose your Sight Words List from the Fish for Words List dropdown menu.
Step 2:
Listen to the word. Click on the play button.
Step 3:
Spell the word. Type the word in the text box.
Step 4:
Fish for Words. Click on the fishing net image to check your spelling.
Note: Repeat Steps 1-3 until all words in the Fish for Words List are spelled correctly.
Step 5:
View your Fish Tank. Click on the Fish Tank button to view your results.
Step 6:
Print Page. Print your Fish Tank. This is proof that you completed your word list.
Other Buttons:
Go Back. Takes you to the previous page.
Next list. Takes you to the next word list.
Clear All. Click on the Clear All button to start over. Your work will be erased.
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