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Difficult Spelling Lists Words
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Difficult spelling lists words are created to test students on their spelling proficiency after they have an opportunity to study. Often spelling lists will progress in their level of difficulty. As a student passes each list more difficult spelling lists of words will follow.

While difficult spelling lists words can be challenging for anyone, less difficult spelling lists of sight words can be an excellent opportunity for elementary age kids to master their sight words lists. In order to encourage elementary students learning of sight words through the use of difficult spelling lists or words teachers and parents will want to make and print them.

Make sight words spelling lists. Teachers and parents can encourage sight words learning by creating sight words spelling lists. Difficult spelling lists of sight words can be created with a word processor, by hand or online. These spelling lists can be customized or developed from the Dolch Word List or Fry Word List.

Print sight words spelling lists. Teachers and parents can print free sight words spelling lists and then use these lists in their classroom or at home. These printable spelling lists can be used for studying, testing or for making a game.

Studies show sight words make up 50-75 percent of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines. And the 25 most common sight words make up about one-third of our written material. Without question, these important words will play an important role in your child's early childhood education and impact your child's reading efficiency and reading development.

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