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Fish for Words - Sight Words Game for Kids
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What is Fish for Words?

Fish for Words Sight Words Game for Kids is a green-friendly online educational game designed to help children independently learn "Sight Words" -- which is the core foundation for learning to read and is taught in every elementary school. Sight words are common words such as "the," "a," "and," "of," and "to" that need to be recognized instantly and on sight, because they can't be sounded out and cannot be learned through the use of pictures. Research shows sight words make up 50%-75% of all reading material. Fish for Words helps children learn and spell Sight Words quickly -- and ultimately helps them develop into efficient and smoother readers. You can learn how to play, try now, buy now or print free sight words printables!
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100% Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Why Buy Fish for Words?

Give your child a jump start on their new school grade by mastering some of the most common sight words used by schools. Fish for Words is a green-friendly product -- recommended by educators and parents! Fish for Words provides these benefits:
Lifetime Usage
Kids can Learn Independently
5 Grade Levels of Sight Words
Access Anywhere Online
Green-Friendly Product
100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Multi-Student Discounts for Schools
Thank you very much for turning us on to FishForWords.com. My 6 year old daughter and I use it quite often to help her learn sight words. Fish for Words is very important for her to use because sight words cannot be sounded out and the game reinforces her learning with repetition and memorization. It is a very easy and fun program to use. It’s great to be able to have it at our fingertips. In fact, she was able to open the program on my iPhone and was able to review and study the lessons in the car on our way running errands. For her, it is simply a game…yet she is learning while having fun!
I wish this existed when my h.s. children were small..I would have definitely used it for them! What a wonderful resource for parents who work...something that is educational for their child as well as visually appealing...and the computer makes it all a game! Great idea.
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